Centrul de Calcul Info'98 SA




Our company has considerable expertise in the domain mainly, but not only, due to its relationship with the National Company of Coal. In this domain CC INFO’98 with employees can maintain and optimise any software, designed by the company or created by the partners of the company.

IT Implementation

Centrul de Calcul INFO’98 SA is professional in this domain, having gained expertise in implementation of IT solution designed not only by the company but also by the company’s partners.
Our company is Microsoft Reseller partner and it sells Microsoft licenses. At the same time the company is Microsoft Authorized Education Reseller and it sells educational software.

IT Training

Our company has become  testing center for ECDL România  in December 2003 and  organises courses for those who wish to acquire the Computer Driving Licence.

European Computer Driving Licence

This licence represents the internationally recognized standard certificate for computer-based qualification. It proves the ability of the user to use efficiently the computer; it is required by the employers in varied fields of activity.

ECDL was recommended to all the EU members as a standard certificate regarding computer operation and consequently many governments have decided to introduce the standard ECDL to increase the efficiency of the employees.

The courses address all social and professional categories. Courses are less expensive for students, pupils, unemployed and people with disabilities.

To obtain the European Driving Licence a candidate must pass at least 7 exams, one of theory and 6 practical exams.

About the ECDL course one can find out more by reading on the ECDL site.

One can choose to apply for ECDL START that includes 4 modules or for ECDL ADVANCED that includes 7 modules.

Software/Hardware/Network Maintenance

For our customers, we assure the maintenance of the computers in normal parameters so that for the designed and implemented software to properly function and we also perform security backup and also data restauration. The specialists of the company can also advice the customers regarding the maintenance of the best quality parameters.

Web Design and Site Maintenance

We design many types of sites, beginning with the simplest presentation sites to those that use databases that allow visitors interactions with the site.