Centrul de Calcul Info'98 SA


Centrul de Calcul INFO’98 SA  has been developing through the years many software applications, many of them still running today. The software applications have been developed considering the technical endowments of the time.

Here, we present, the main software applications that still run at different clients.

General software applications

Economic domain:

  1. general accounting
  2. invoices, notices and receipts
  3. fixed assets and inventory items

Human resources domanin

  1. calculation of salaries
  2. keeping track of work and seniority calculation

Dedicated software for our main clients

Economic domain:

  • Free of charge electricity and heating evidence
  • Coal supply management
  • Materials, spare parts and inventory items
  • Records of coal vouchers
  • Statistics of economic indicators

Human resources and payroll domain:

  • Human resources domain
  • Records of work and seniority calculations
  • Time-check, salaries, updates
  • Calculation of salaries
  • Tax and non-fiscal records resulting from salaries

Technical domain

  • Elaboration of coal exploitation programs
  • Health and safety records
  • Medical records -occupational health and safety
  • Enterprise resource planning for coal mines management
  • Deformation parameters of the wells
  • Drawing electrical schemes
  • Operative records for dispatch
  • Operative record laboratory
  • Records of production
  • Records of AGR repairs


printing app- on of our application

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